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Watersafe City - Water Test Kit


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Watersafe City - Water Test Kit

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The Watersafe City Water Test Kit, formerly call the All-In-One Home Water Test Kit, tests your drinking water for unsafe or undesirable levels of bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, pH and hardness - 8 of the most common and potentially hazardous water quality concerns. This kit includes everything you need to get fast, accurate results at home. Follow instructions carefully for each test and compare results to the desired values. Drinking water which tests outside the desired values may be dangerous to your health.

This simple, affordable one-of-a-kind kit tests for Results are available within 15 minutes (bacteria 48 hours). The test results are modelled on the guidelines given by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States.

Watersafe Drinking Water Tests Kits are a revolution in home water testing. Get professional lab results in your own home.



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Previously called the All-In-One Drinking Water Test Kit. The City Water Test Kit contains these test kits: Bacteria, lead, pesticides, chlorine, hardness, pH, nitrates and nitrites. Knowing the pH level of your water can help you prevent secondary effects. If the acidity of your water is too high, corrosion can leach out lead from pipes and plumbing as well as damage your water supply system and water heater. Lead was used extensively in plumbing until the 1980's, and even low levels of lead have been linked to learning disabilities in children and hypertension in adults. Nitrates and Nitrites are common, yet an incredibly harmful pollutant, especially to children and small animals. When animal and human wastes or field fertilizers come into contact with water, they show up as nitrates and nitrites. Both are serious contaminants because they affect the very core of human life - birth and the development of young life.

Find out if your water has harmful levels of bacteria, lead, pesticides, chlorine, hardness, pH, and nitrates and nitrites! Get professional lab results in your own home.




Work place testing



Safe and Easy to Use

Find out if you have “hard water”

Detect dangerous amounts of chlorine

Test for presence of bacteria

Reveal the presence of deadly toxins (from pesticides or fertilizers)

Learn your water’s pH balance

Compare your results to EPA-recommended levels

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Customer Reviews

Review by Damien Lutz
Good product for testing your drinking water. Fast shipping to Pennsylvania.
Review by Danika Thompson
I'll buy this drinking water quality test kit again! Good service, very fast delivery to Illinois, easy use... Highly recommend.
Review by Shaun Holloman
Great home water quality test kits, free shipping to Texas and very good service. I will buy again!!!
Review by Eddie Schramm
This is a drinking water quality test very easy to use, the costumer service is phenomenal and fast shipping to Florida. I will buy this Watersafe City again!!
Review by Drew Wiley
A good water quality test! Very easy to use, fast results and free shipping to California.
Review by Eric Lehman
A quick and easy test of your basic water quality. Most results are immediate; the bacteria test takes 48 hours. Great water quality testing kits.
Review by David Robinson
This is very good water test kit and easy to use. Really worth your money. I recommend it.
Review by Cole Sears
This water quality test kit is so simple, easy to use and is very accurate. Highly recommend!
Review by Max Snider
Quite simply this water quality test kit was easy to use, informative, and I would purchase again.
Review by Sophia Fulton
Good water test kit, easy use and accurate. Fast shipping to Chicago.
Review by Brielle Newell
Got this water quality test kit to test my well water up in Northern Wisconsin. It has to test sets so I did a test on my city water and then the well water. Turns out the water in the city tested worse than the well water, and the well water came out with 5 stars!
Review by William Freeman
A very simple test kit to use in evaluating your water supply. We just put in a new well and wanted to check its quality. Followed the simple, well-written, instructions and everything came out just fine. Followed up with a double check of the results by taking a water sample to our local University. They validated the findings provided by the Watersafe City Water Test Kit.

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