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Adulteration - Test Strips


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Adulteration - Test Strips

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Include 25 test strips. This is a dip and read test strip for the determination of dilute or adulterated specimens. Many people think they can get around urine drug tests by either diluting or tampering with their samples. These test strips help detect false negative test results.

Most advanced Urine Adulterant Test Strip that tests for all seven parameters: Creatinine, Nitrite, Glutaraldehyde, PH, Specfic Gravity, Bleach and Pyridinium Chlorochromate  on six reactive pads in one easy step. Clear interpretation with results in 1 minute.

A variety of adulterants can be detected from detox kits that can be used to create a false negative on a drug test.

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The Urine Adulteration test is an easy and efficient test for dilution and adulteration of urine samples. The test strips are fast to operate and provide clear visual qualitative results. Its should be an essential part of drug screening test and needs to be performed prior to the actual drug test.

These strips are based on the chemical reactions of the indicator reagents on the pads with components in the urine sample effecting color change. They are an important pre-screening test for any testing program. The one step dip and read specimen validity test semi-quantitatively analyzes a urine specimen for 7 parameters on six reactive pads in one easy step.

Include 25 test strips. 



Home drug testing

Work place testing

School/college/university drug testing

Criminal justice

Law enforcement drug testing

Substance abuse rehabilitation centers


Simple to use

Results in 5 Minutes or Less

Easy to read results

Dip-strip Urine Drug Test

Small Urine Sample Required

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Customer Reviews

Review by Kylie Holmes
Excellent urine adulteration specimen validity test kit, good price, very accurate and free shipping to Florida. I use these to check fake piss before i use it at work. I will buy again.
Review by Nickolas Mattison
Good drug adulteration test kits, very easy to use. I can say that this has helped me prevent issues with employees using spiking products. Discreet shipping to Illionis.
Review by Roger Poling
Great specimen validity testing and easy use. Would definitely recommend :) I will buy again.
Review by Gael Roy
This is a rapid test for the determination of diluted or adulterated urine specimens. I highly recommend.
Review by Peter Smith
Good urine sample adulteration test, fast results and easy use.
Review by Jesse Boehm
This specimen validity strips are easy to use and very accurate. Very fast shipping to New York!
Review by Madelyn Mccall
A good adulteration drug test! Very easy to use, accurate and free shipping to Maryland. I will buy here again.
Review by Brayden Fisher
I can say that this has helped me prevent issues with employees, It's a good urine sample adulteration test.
Review by William Snider
Good urine sample adulteration test, very easy to use and accurate.
Review by Lily Sears
Great urine drug adulteration test strips, I can say that this has helped me prevent issues with employees using spiking products. Easy use and fast shipping to California.
Review by Natalie Witt
Everything is perfect with this urine adulteration tests. I will buy again.
Review by Harper Newell
These urine adulteration test strips are very easy to use. They seem accurate as far as I can tell. Wi will order more in the future.

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