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Multi Drug Test Kit - 5 Panel Dip


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Multi Drug Test Kit - 5 Panel Dip

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Panel Drug Test Kit tests for 5 illicit drugs: COC (cocaine), THC (marijuana), MTD (methadone), OPI (opiates) and BZO (benzodiazepine)

This drug test kit is the ideal drug testing solution for individuals who want a fast and accurate instant drug test that is easy to perform from the privacy of your home. Is perhaps one of the best at home multi-drug test kit, whether you are testing yourself or somebody you are concerned about.

The 5 panel drug test card is one of the most popular a on-site urine drug testing kit. Helps parents prevent kids' drug abuse.

A perfect solution to get accurate results quickly and in total privacy at your home. 

Doctortest distributes drug tests to the best drug rehabs and alcohol addiction treatment institutions in the world like the Neurosalus European Center.

Our Doctortest panel drug test for 5 drugs of abuse is the most cost effective at home test 5 panel product in the market today.

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This test card tests for combination of COC (cocaine), THC (marijuana), MTD (methadone), OPI (opiates) and BZO (benzodiazepine)

1 - COC (crack, cocaine, apple jacks, bernie’s flakes, bernie’s gold dust, blow, bump, bunk, C, cakes, candy, chalk, cloud, cola, cookie, coke, crack, crumbs, dust, everclear, flake, gold dust, g-rock, haven dust, heaven icing, kryptonite, line, moon rocks, pearl, paradise white, rock, snow, snow white, snow cones, snow coke, sleigh ride, white powder, toot, base, basa, powder, smack, big, rush, big rush, big flakes, nose candy, baseball, line, rail, stash, yeyo, rocks, nuggets, gravel, grit, hail, hard rock, jelly beans, dice, purple caps, scrablle, yam, sleet, tornado....)

2 - THC (marijuana, weed, pot, hemp, grass, Mary Jane, M, chronic, reefer, dope, roach, skunk, astro turf, Texas tea, home grown, bhang, dagga, purple haze, ganja...)

3 - MTD (methadone, dollies, dolls, done, meth, phy, junk, metho, jungle juice, fizzies, wafer, amidone, pastora, salvia, juice...)

4 - OPI (opiates, heroin, opium, codeine, Codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, smack, H, tar, chiba or chiva, junk, brown sugar, junk, skag, mud, dragon, dope, white, china white, white nurse, white lady, white horse, white girl, white boy, white stuff, boy, he, black, black tar, black pearl, black stuff, black eagle, brown, brown crystal, brown tape, brown rhine, mexican brown, mexican mud, mexican horse, snow, snowball, scat, sack, skunk...)

5 - BZO (benzodiazepine)

If there’s anything you need to know about our home drug tests, it’s this: they are very simple to use with extremely accurate results and that’s what you want. This test is an ideal one-step dip and read drug test for the presence of four different drugs in human urine. The easy-to-use design makes it a synch to quickly read and interpret drug testing results. 

The Multi Drug Test Kit - 5 Panel Dip provides the same level of accuracy as the initial screens used in laboratories. 



Home drug testing

Work place testing

School/college/university drug testing

Criminal justice

Law enforcement drug testing

Substance abuse rehabilitation centers



Test is performed in 1 step with results displayed in seconds

Simple to use

Small sample required, just dip panel and read the results

Versatile drug test for home and office

Easy to read results

Can detect COC (cocaine), THC (marijuana), MTD (methadone), OPI (opiates) and BZO (benzodiazepine)

Dip-strip Urine Drug Test

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Customer Reviews

Review by Sarah Ellison
These are the same tests they use to test me on probation. They at home multidrugs tests are extremely accurate.
Review by Katie Sharp
If you need to have somebody screened for these drugs, this is a really good choice for a drug screening test. Good 5 panel urine drug test! Free shipping to Florida.
Review by Lucas Rose
This multi drug test is very easy to use. I just ordered 10 more kits.
Review by Caroline Hudson
This 5 panel drug test arrived very quickly to California and was easy to use.
Review by Brantley Gorman
Works incredibly well. Great 5 panel drug test, easy use... I will buy again.
Review by Claire Parker
These panels drug test worked great. Received them quickly which helped in reporting for a drug test for a new job I applied for. Easy use and fast shipping to New York.
Review by Matthew Brown
Dip drug test accuracy! Excellent customer service, super value on this at home multi drug test kits.
Review by John Perry
Ideal for employee drug testing! Great price, super fast delivery. Good quality.
Review by Anna Bennett
These are the same tests they use to test me on probation. They are extremely accurate!
Review by Nicholas Harrison
Excellent multi drug test kit and service. My experience included a return for exchange (I originally ordered the wrong product) and the process was fast and easy. Highly recommended.
Review by Abbey Scott
I've have ordered these home drug test kits a few times and they multi drug test kits are always very accurate.
Review by Lillian Rice
The kit is very easy to use and the results show up relatively fast. Very fast shipping to San Francisco.
Review by Callie Williams
Simple to use, gives you correct results, and the documentation is very simple to understand. I wonder if they make more then just these 5 drug screens dip.
Review by Penelope Butler
I test my teenager to keep him in check and so he knows I'm watching him. It has detected what it needs to when it needs to. Think these do the job.
Review by Aaron Clark
The At Home Multi Drug Test is very easy to use. The step-by-step instructions were very easy to follow. This test kit also gives you the results quickly.
Review by Gina Olson
Used it for the first time and it works just as expected. Great product to have as a deterrence for those teenagers.

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