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EZ DETECT Stool - Blood Test


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EZ DETECT Stool - Blood Test

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The EZ DETECT™ Stool Blood Test is the most advanced home test available to detect hidden blood in the stool, one of the primary early warning signals of many health problems.

EZ DETECT™ is designed to detect blood in the stool that can be caused by bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids, polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, fissures or cancer of the colon.

Each kit contains 5 test pads, instructions, positive control, and return postcard to professional.  A simple test fordetecting the early warning signs of Colorectal Cancer.  The test is easy to perform, by simply throwing the test tissue in the toilet bowl after bowel movement and getting results in two minutes.

Physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies utilize the test. EZ DETECT™ has no dietary restrictions before or during the testing period.



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Colon (colorectal) cancer, often called the "silent killer" ranks as the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Colon cancer affects both men and women about equally and kills more people annually than either breast cancer or prostate cancer. Some reasons: neglect, lack of awareness, lack of media attention, embarrassment, the "yuck" factor, too few people taking an active role in monitoring their own health to prevent this disease.

Whatever the reason, the good news is that no one has to die from colon cancer. With over a 90 percent cure rate caught early enough, colon cancer is preventable and treatable. Early detection through screening is the key. Colon cancer deaths could be nearly eliminated if most people learn the basics, talk to their family and physicians about it, and take action to prevent it. Unfortunately, as recent government surveys and studies show, less than 40% of people who should be screened have been screened. Respondents age 50 and over to a recent survey on this site said only 51% of their doctors discussed colon cancer screening with them.

EZ DETECT™ is a simple, sanitary, fast home test requiring no stool handling. The user simply drops a test tissue into the toilet bowl, and if blood is present, a blue-green color will appear within two minutes. The test detects small quantities (2.0mg hemoglobin/100 ml water) of occult (hidden) blood in the stool.

The kit indicates the presence of blood, a common warning sign that requires medical attention and follow up using more expensive and more invasive measures. Only one screening test, a colonoscopy, can examine the entire colon and positively identify and remove polyps at the same time. Colonoscopy is the preferred follow up screening test to a positive home kit.



Home testing



Simple to use

Confidential and Anonymous

High sensitivity

Convenient, Sanitary – Easy throw-in-the-bowl test. No messy handling of stool.

Quick, simple to use – Just drop a test pad in the toilet after a bowel movement. See the results of the test in just 2 minutes. Repeat the test with the next two bowel movements.

Easy-to-read results – Test area of pad will turn blue/green if blood is detected.

Reliable and Accurate – FDA approved. Clinically proven. Used by hospitals and physicians worldwide.

No dietary restrictions – Not affected by rare meat or vitamin C.

Does not require lab processing

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Customer Reviews

Review by John Smith
Good EZ detect stool blood test, accurate, easy use and fast results. Free shipping to New York.
Review by Marissa Spencer
This fecal occult blood test is easy to use and very accurate. Good service and very fast delivery to Florida.
Review by Kailey Grant
Highly recommend this colon test at home!
Review by Ethan Murray
Well, who can love a fecal test. But it is a quick and easy way to check for cancer, in between those doctor checkups.

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