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Opiates - OPI Strip


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Opiates - OPI Strip

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Simple and easy to use. Opiates drug test strip with result accuracy over 99% in the privacy of your home.  Convenient with accurate, rapid results (in just few minutes).

Is a quick one step method to detect for heroin OPI through a urine sample. Competitively priced and ideal for your workplace drug testing program. Test results are the same as a lab test.

Same OPI drug test strip as used by employers, probation and clinics. Doctortest distributes drug tests to the best drug rehabs and alcohol addiction treatment institutions in the world like the Neurosalus European Center.  Our Doctortest OPI drug test is the most cost effective at home opiates drug test product in the market today. 

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OPI drug test strip ("heroin", "codeine", "morphine"...) is the perfect way to detect drugs of abuse in human urine. 99.9% Accurate.  Results are almost immediate - presented in five minutes or less, saving you the typical 24 – 48 hour wait by laboratories. 

The results are easy to read with a negative results reading as a line and a positive results reading as no line. (Plus the control line)



How long opiates stays in your system?  Generally, opiates (heroin) can show up on a urine test for as little as two and half hours or as much as two days. However, heavy users can fail a drug urine test for as long as seven days.


Home drug testing

Work place testing

School/college/university drug testing

Criminal justice

Law enforcement drug testing

Substance abuse rehabilitation centers



99.9% Accurate

Simple to use

Results in 5 Minutes or Less

Easy to read results

Can detect Opiates/OPI

Dip-strip Urine Drug Test

Small Urine Sample Required

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If you are professional, clinic, pharmacy, therapeutic association, NGOs ... please register as a "Professional Client" in DoctorTest to benefit from excellent rates / conditions in purchase volume. Once you register, send an email to [email protected] warning us of this. Your request for registration as a "Professional Client" will be answered and after checking the guild that owns enjoy beneficial conditions for life. In a few hours or minutes you can start buying.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Trevor Atkinson
Excellent drugs of abuse tests for opiates, got these for my son. They really do work. Fast shipping to Oregon too.
Review by Nylah Stein
Very easy to use and understand. Fast results. Good urine drug test strip opiate.
Review by Karina Conway
Easy use and clear results, definitely is great opiates strip urine test. Fast shipping to Chicago.
Review by Carolina Berger
Very good testing for opiates! Great product and great value too!
Review by Rory Leach
This opiates drug test strip worked great! My daughter is absolutely drug free!!! Thank you so much for settling an argument in the family.
Review by Jayleen Winters
Everything arrived quick in perfect condition and they home drug test for opiates work great. What more could one ask for. Discreet and fast shipping to Los Angeles!
Review by Michael Fisher
Good heroin at home drug test, ideal for home use, very easy use, good price and highly quality. This worked!
Review by Olivia Glaser
This opiates urine test is very simple to use and incredibly accurate. The results display within 2 minutes. Worked!
Review by Thomas Bounds
This is a very good OPI urine drug testing for detection of opiates including morphine and heroin, buy at cheap low cost and free shipping to Georgia!!
Review by Caroline Anderson
The best opiates home drug test, extremely accurate. I bought this product for heroin and it works very well.
Review by Tessa Faulkner
Excellent heroin detection urine! Worked Well. I will buy again!!
Review by Francis Vance
Good heroin drug tests!! Very fast shipping to Michigan! Cheap price and very high quality.
Review by Eugene Adams
This simple to use urine drug test allows you to identify Opiates such as Morphine, Opium, and Heroin. Fast results and accurate. I would recommend!!
Review by Paola Donley
The shipping is discreet and delivery to Ohio is guaranteed on time. Good service.
Review by Oliver Williams
The best urine drug test opiates, good price, extremely accurate and fast results.The shipping was very fast to Pennsylvania. Everything about the purchase was perfect!
Review by Emersyn Whitehead
Great heroin drug test, discreet and fast shipping to Illinois!
Review by Vivian Pachecho
I am very satisfied with price and quality! These are great opiates drug tests, I will buy again!!
Review by Bryson Daily
Just passed my opiates drug test and got the job. This opiates drug test is very accurate and easy to use.
Review by Kylie Riley
This opiates drug test absolutely works and it is a great price to quantity ratio. Free shipping to California!!!
Review by Kayson Pruitt
These opiates drug test strips are greats, easy to use. Very fast shipping to Texas. I will buy again!
Review by Matthew Clark
Excellent opiates drug testing and easy to use, ideal for use at home or work place. This OPI drug test is cheap and effective, highly recommend!
Review by Jordyn Hill
This opiates drug test is highly recommended! Free and fast shipping to New York too!
Review by Nolan Stevens
If you want to buy an opiates drug test I recommend to you this opi drug test! It worked. Was easy to read. This opiates urine drug test strip got the job done.
Review by Angela González
Excellent OPI drug test!! I bought this opiates drug test strip for heroin and it works very well, within one minute you have results. These test are easy to use.
Review by Damian Bailey
Great opiates urine drug test strips. Easy to use, worked great for last minute drug test at new job. Very fast delivery to Florida!
Review by María Torres
This opiates home drug tests are easy to use and can be performed by anyone. They require only a urine sample for testing and give results within 1 minutes.
Review by Alice Lamb
opiates drug test detection times.
Review by Mason Nelson
This opiates drug test urine came on time and came as described. Very satisfied. They all worked. None of them were duds and were 100% accurate.
Review by Robert Ball
I had a great experience with this opiates at home drug test. I got accurate results immediately within 3 minutes.
Review by Claire Taylor
This opiates strip is easy to use. Great price! Will recommend to friends!
Review by Brody Henderson
I'm from Sacramento CA. The ordering process was simple, and our at home opiates drug test strip arrived days sooner than we expected! Very pleased!
Review by Emily López
Great product worked fine and gave an honest reading was reliable to use can't think of much else to say but they were cheaper than the drug store and better.
Review by Tyler Lane
I was looking for an affordable product that we could use for random checks. The opiates test strips are accurate and easy to use.
Review by Jordan Scott
Great heroin drug testing, The OP drug test is quick easy and very accurate.
Review by Virginia King
Fast shipping and free to New York.
Review by Aubree Scott
This home drug test opiates is easy and private. I'll buy again.
Review by Annabelle Young
This opiates drug test does what it needs to. Works good and usually faster than what the instructions say. Tested clean and dirty urine to make sure it worked and it did.
Review by Steven Smith
No better way to make sure my teen is on the straight and narrow...these are the solution! Fast. I will order again.

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