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Barbiturates - BAR Dip Card


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Barbiturates - BAR Dip Card

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Barbiturates BAR are synthetic drugs designed for the treatment of seizures and as a sedative, but because barbiturates are a highly addictive prescription medication, it is not uncommon for patients to become permanently hooked on the drug. The most commonly used prescription named barbiturates are Amytal, Nembutal and Seconal. 

This barbiturates BAR Drug Test Dip Card is a one-step solution for on-site urine drug testing. With 99% accurate results,  is one of the best alternatives to laboratory testing and one of the most accurate drug tests on the market today. 

A perfect solution to get accurate results quickly and in total privacy at your home. 

Doctortest distributes drug tests to the best drug rehabs and alcohol addiction treatment institutions in the world like the Neurosalus European Center.

Our Doctortest BAR drug test is the most cost effective at home barbiturates test product in the market today. 

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BAR drugs test dip card (barbs, bluebirds, blues, tooies, downers, phennies, yellow jackets, blue devils, reds, rainbows...) is the perfect way to detect drugs of abuse in human urine. Results are almost immediate - presented in five minutes or less, saving you the typical 24 – 48 hour wait by laboratories. The barbiturate drug testing kit will check for barbiturate (BAR) use in one urine test. 

Results available in less than 5 minutes. This single panel drug test kit is easy to use, and comes with detailed instructions.

Our BAR Urine Drug Test Kit is easy to use and provides reliable results. This kit is all-inclusive for your convenience, unlike other kits out there. The dip card style makes it easy to conduct the test and obtain results in a flash.

The results are easy to read with a negative results reading as a line and a positive results reading as no line. 



How long barbiturates stays in your system?  2 - 4 days in urine, up to 90 days in hair and 1 - 2 days in your blood. The length of time depends on the test used, the amount you take, if you have other medical conditions and your own metabolism.



Home drug testing

Work place testing

School/college/university drug testing

Criminal justice

Law enforcement drug testing

Substance abuse rehabilitation centers



99.9% Accurate

Simple to use

Results in 5 Minutes or Less

Easy to read results

Can detect Barbiturates BAR

Dip-strip Urine Drug Test

Small Urine Sample Required

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If you are professional, clinic, pharmacy, therapeutic association, NGOs ... please register as a "Professional Client" in DoctorTest to benefit from excellent rates / conditions in purchase volume. Once you register, send an email to [email protected] warning us of this. Your request for registration as a "Professional Client" will be answered and after checking the guild that owns enjoy beneficial conditions for life. In a few hours or minutes you can start buying.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Michael Pannell
Excellent barbiturates home drug test, easy to use, quick answers! I would recommend!
Review by Vera Testa
By far the best barbiturates tests that I have used and at the best price! Super accurate as well. I guarantee you won't find any better tests than these! Free shipping to Pennsylvania.
Review by Christine Wallen
Good quality, great rapid BAR urine drug test, fast delivery to Pennsylvania, preformed as expected. I will buy this barbiturates drug test again!!
Review by Grayson Bush
Have used five tests at different times and they appear to be accurate. Fast shipping to New Jersey.
Review by Colby Nielsen
Very good barbiturate drug screen, easy to use and fast results. I am very satisfied with this Bar drug test.
Review by Elena Irby
This barbiturates drug test works very well. I passed this BAR drug test in the morning and subsequently passed my employment drug test the same day.
Review by Lucy Moore
Great barbiturates drug test, ideal for home drug testing, easy use and accurate.
Review by Andrew Beck
This BAR drug test works extremely well and really simple to use. Free shipping to New York City.
Review by David Alvarado
This barbiturates urine test is easy to use and accurate, ideal for home use.
Review by Diego Espino
This barbiturates drug test give me an idea how long barbiturates is detected in the urine after being orally ingested. very easy to use and very accurate. Fast shipping to Florida!!
Review by Joseph Hopkins
Good barbiturates drug test, good price, fast shipping to Oregon...
Review by Andrea Torres
Good barbiturates urine test, very accurate and very easy to use.... free shipping to California. I will buy again.
Review by Sofia Keller
I would recommend this barbiturates drug test urine and will probably buy more.
Review by Evelynn Nielsen
High quality and low price for this barbiturates drug test, is easy, accurate and free shipping to Texas.
Review by Julia Long
Not much to say, does it's job. It works pretty quickly, simple to use. Does what it is supposed to do.

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