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Nicotine - COT Cassette


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Nicotine - COT Cassette

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Nicotine test kit is a rapid, visual, qualitative, competitive binding immunoassay for the detection of nicotine in urine.

This COT drug test cassette with pipette dropper makes accurate drug testing easy, convenient, and affordable. Results available in less than 5 minutes.

This single panel cotinine drug test is easy to use.

Doctortest distributes drug tests to the best drug rehabs and alcohol addiction treatment institutions in the world. Our Doctortest COT drug test is the most cost effective at home cotinine / nicotine test kit product in the market today.

This is the best Nicotine Test currently available. Used by insurance companies, parents, and smoking cessation program, it's reliable, economical and accurate.

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Nicotine test kit is the perfect way to detect tobacco, cigarette, chewing tobacco... in human urine. Results are almost immediate - presented in five minutes or less, saving you the typical 24 – 48 hour wait by laboratories, saving you time and money.

This Nicotine test kit is the most cost effective 5-minute urine test cassette available anywhere! It rapidly detects the presence of cotinine, the major metabolite of nicotine, in urine. This test will detect cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoking and is also a chewing tobacco test. The cassette with pipette dropper design makes testing easy, convenient, and extremely affordable!

The results are easy to read with a negative results reading as a line and a positive results reading as no line.


Home drug testing

Work place testing

School/college/university drug testing

Criminal justice

Law enforcement drug testing

Substance abuse rehabilitation centers



Simple to use: Collect urine into specimen cup, pipette urine into cassette, and check results

One-step urine test device for detection of Nicotine - COT in urine

Results in 5 Minutes or Less

Easy to read results

Can detect Nicotine COT

Dip-strip Urine Drug Test

Small Urine Sample Required

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If you are professional, clinic, pharmacy, therapeutic association, NGOs ... please register as a "Professional Client" in DoctorTest to benefit from excellent rates / conditions in purchase volume. Once you register, send an email to [email protected] warning us of this. Your request for registration as a "Professional Client" will be answered and after checking the guild that owns enjoy beneficial conditions for life. In a few hours or minutes you can start buying.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Jane Barton
This nicotine urine test is so very easy to use. The directions are easy to follow. The results are also easy to read.
Review by John Bailey
These nicotine home drug test kits work perfectly and you'll have your answer in just 5 minutes. Very fast and discreet shipping to Philadelphia!
Review by Khaleesi Huneke
Very good at home nicotine test, very fast shipping to Chicago.
Review by Thomas Troth
This nicotine urine test kit Works like a charm! Easy use and extremely accurate. Price is fantastic!
Review by Luna Balle
Excellent nicotine test kits, easy use and fast results. Free shipping to Los Angeles.
Review by Chris Lloyd
Easy to use and works as expected. I will buy again!
Review by Randy Lindsey
This tobacco urine test provides a quick and accurate test for determining on-the-spot the level of a person's exposure to tobacco products including second hand smoke. Very fast shipping to Ohio!!!
Review by Rebekah Kramer
Good nicotine home test kits. This smoking test is easy to use. I would recommend this nicotine testing.
Review by Maria Thompson
I'm from Minnesota, my order arrived very faster. Extremely accurate and very easy use. Good nicotine urine test!
Review by Bryson Myers
This cotinine test kit is easy to use and extremely accurate. Ideal for home use!! Free and discreet shipping to Mississippi.
Review by Dennis Hales
Great price, very accurate and easy use. I like this nicotine test and I will buy again.
Review by Olga Buckingham
Excellent cotinine test, very easy use, fast results, extremely accurate, free discreet shipping to Oregon... I will buy again!!
Review by Thomas Partin
This nicotine urine test is easy to administer and the results are easy to read. Free shipping to Texas.
Review by Caroline Morgan
I bought this nicotine test to see if my husband had been smoking. It works. Worth the minimal cost.
Review by Cedric Wright
This nicotine home test kit is very easy to use and fast results. They were 100% accurate. I will buy again, sure!!
Review by Karsyn Folsom
Excellent nicotine home test kits, are easy to use and very fast results. Would recommend!
Review by Alice Williams
Very good home drug test nicotine! Very satisfied. Definitely recommend!!!
Review by Norah Skinner
Great cotinine urine test kit, arrived very quickly to Texas, easy to use and accurate.
Review by Rachel Monroe
This nicotine drug test is accurate, fast, easy to read and understand. Free shipping to Texas and good service.
Review by Emery Houston
This nicotine urine rapid test kit is a fast and effective way for detecting cotinine in the urine of a human body. I will buy again.
Review by Arabella Plunkett
Good nicotine drug! Easy to use, accurate, quick results... and free shipping to Florida! I'll buy again.
Review by Carter Brown
This nicotine test kit is very accurate. very fast results and easy to use. High quality! I will purchase more of this item in the future.
Review by Calvin Armenta
I bought these for tobacco screen for employment. I think this is a good tobacco drug test, very easy to use and very accurate. Highly recommend.
Review by Isaac Kelly
A very good cotinine drug test, works great with accurate results.
Review by Kimberly Hardin
A good nicotine test kit! Easy to use and free shipping to New York!
Review by Bryson Guerra
Great nicotine test kit. Price was right, I'll buy again!
Review by Michael Slater
I bought this to see if my teen had been smoking/dipping. It works. Very fast shipping to Colorado.
Review by Molly Mcdowell
My husband and I wanted a simple and easy to use product for our teenager and this urine cotinine test kit its exactly want we needed. Thank you.
Review by Mark Dunning
Great inexpensive way to check nicotine levels. Sensitive, accurate, easy to use, less than 3 minutes for results, free shipping to Arizona. Good tobacco urine test!
Review by William McGowan
Great nicotine urine test, I was able to pass a test by Monday afternoon after smoking my last cigarette the previous Wednesday night.
Review by Olivia Lancaster
This nicotine test kit is easy to use and very sensitive, fast shipping to Califonia... would certainly recommend!
Review by Ryder Carey
First time buying this nicotine test kit. Works great!
Review by Ethan Foster
Works very well this nicotine drug test kit, just follow instructions. When you are going from positive to negative the line will be very light and then becomes darker as you go longer without smoking.
Review by Bennett Wilkinson
buy cotinine urine test smokeless tobacco.
Review by Carlos Montoya
Great nicotine test kit cassette, easy to use and good price. Free shipping to New Mexico.
Review by Jasmine Stafford
This nicotine test kit work and are accurate. I will buy this nicotine drug testing again and I would recommend it to others.
Review by Bailey Henson
The best nicotine test kit! Easy, cheap, and effective.
Review by Ava Rice
This nicotine / cotinine testing is easy to use and the only test that I was able to find that could show even small traces of nicotine. Well worth the money.
Review by Hugh Hollister
This easy to use nicotine testing kit detects tobacco use by testing for nicotine and Cotinine in urine. Results are highly accurate.

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