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  1. Home DNA Paternity Test

    Home DNA Paternity Test


    Home DNA Paternity Test is simple, accurate and affordable peace of mind is now available in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

    Our easy-to-use DNA collection kit allows you to simply swab the inside of the mouth of the child and the alleged father. Mother's participation is optional, but strongly suggested.

    DNA can also be extracted from items such as hair roots, toothbrushes, disposable razors, or dried biological fluids, such as blood or saliva. 

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  2. DNA•SAL™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    DNA•SAL™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    DNA•SAL™ is a revolutionary salivary DNA collection device used for the collection of DNA from saliva.

    The device abrades cells and saliva in the mouth via a series of serrated edges resulting in the accumulation of a mixture of oral fluids (saliva) and cells that are trapped in an array of voids on the plastic body of the DNA•SAL™ device. The DNA•SAL™ is removed from the mouth and held while a small quantity of a safe rinse solution is taken, “swished” around in the mouth for a few seconds, then transferred by spitting back into the original sample tube.

    The collection head of the DNA•SAL™ tool is then detached from the handle into the transport tube containing the sample and rinse solution then immediately processed or sent to a laboratory where pure DNA can be extracted using an extraction kit.

    Ergonomically correct. Detachable handle.

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  3. Accu•SAL™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    Accu•SAL™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    The collection of alternative specimens such as urine, hair, sweat, tears, saliva and others is growing in importance as an alternative to blood sampling. A number of devices exist that allow for the collection of various forms of oral fluid or saliva and each has specific application in the growing market for salivary testing.

    Despite the availability of a number of oral fluid collection devices, there are few offering standardized collection of oral fluids for drug and drug metabolite testing with a means of confirmation of sample sufficiency.

    Accu•SAL™ incorporates a novel Sample Volume Adequacy Indicator built into the device handle and provides a suitable quantity of oral fluids and whole saliva for a variety of drug testing applications.  A unique feature of the Accu•SAL™ Device is that in the case of a “short sample”, the user is able to calculate the absolute quantity of saliva collected, and from that, an accurate dilution factor for the downstream immunoassay.

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  4. RNAPro•SAL™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    RNAPro•SAL™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    Unlocking RNA’s Hidden Secrets. RNAPro•SAL™ was developed as an easy to use and cost effective tool for the collection of the rich sources of RNA [miRNA / mRNA]  found in saliva.

    The proprietary RNAPro•SAL™ device combines rapid and high volume saliva collection, [> 1.0 mL in less than one minute]. A unique built in Sample Volume Adequacy Indicator [SVAI] provides a visual indication that an adequate quantity of sample has been collected for downstream analysis. Following collection the sample is readily purified  by compression through a proprietary medium, which removes cells and unwanted components from the saliva.

    The clean sample, a ready source of RNA for miRNA or mRNA, is promptly delivered to a standard Eppendorf or Microfuge tube for immediate stabilization and use or for long term storage.

    Direct isolation of RNA and proteins in 60 seconds. Amenable to miRNA, mRNA and proteomics research. No extration kit purchase necessary.

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  5. Super•SAL™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    Super•SAL™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    The Super•SAL™ Saliva Collection Device works by collection of saliva along the side of the tongue in the mouth by means of a highly absorbent cylindrical-shaped pad.

    The Super•SAL™ is intended as a high volume saliva collector [> 1.0 mL] is harvested in approximately 1-2 minutes. The device has a sample volume adequacy indicator that provides an indication of when sufficient saliva has been collected.

    Once the sample volume adequacy indicator changes showing sufficient sample has been collected saliva is separated by compressing the absorbent pad used to collect the sample through a compression chamber into a standard 2mL Eppendorf tube or 1.5 mL microfuge tube. The sample may then be immediately used, stabilized for later analysis or sent to a laboratory for subsequent analysis.

    Super•SAL™ is a universal sample collection device which has been used for collection of saliva, vaginal specimens, urine, amniotic fluid, and others.

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  6. Versi•SAL® - General Saliva Collector

    Versi•SAL® - General Saliva Collector

    Versi•SAL® is a unique fluid collection device that incorporates a proprietary interchangeable absorbent pad for immediate saliva (and other fluid) collection.

    Due to it’s modular design the Versi•SAL® can come equipped with additional attachments to allow it to fulfill every need. Some attachments include the Versi•SAL® Compression Tube which allows the Versi•SAL® to be expressed into a standard Eppendorf 2 mL centrifuge tube,  a split sample Bifurcating Compression Tube for expressing into 2 sample tubes simultaneously, and the Versi•SAL®-L Travel Cover which maintains sample integrity for long journeys relieving the need to remove your sample from the pad at collection point. Further customization can come in thickness of the pad allowing control over maximum sample volume (1.2 mL to 1.4 mL).

    Versi•SAL® works by placing the device pad under the tongue and collecting saliva (oral fluid) until a novel sample sufficiency indicator (b, above) is triggered [2-3 minutes]. The collector is then pushed down firmly into the compression tube (c) supplied until the Versi•SAL®1 pad is totally compressed. This action forces the saliva specimen through an outlet (d) into a graduated Eppendorf-style tube (e). The sample obtained may then be tested immediately in point-of-care applications or sent to a laboratory for subsequent testing.

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  7. UltraSal-2™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    UltraSal-2™ - DNA Saliva Samples

    The UltraSal-2™ saliva collection device is for the collection of medium to large volume oral fluid / saliva samples.

    UltraSal-2™ automatically splits the saliva specimen into two aliquots in separate large volume collection tubes of 12 mL each.

    A total of 24 mL of saliva can be collected by “passive drool” using the device.

    The first  tube may be used for testing while the second could be used for confirmation of results or stored for possible future use. 

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