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Cocaine - COC Strip


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Cocaine - COC Strip

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Simple and easy to use. Cocaine drug test strip with result accuracy over 99% in the privacy of your home. 

Convenient with accurate, rapid results (in just few minutes). Is a quick one step method to detect for cocaine COC through a urine sample. 

Competitively priced and ideal for your workplace drug testing program. 

Test results are the same as a lab test. Same COC drug test strips as used by employers, probation and clinics. 

Doctortest distributes drug tests to the best drug rehabs and alcohol addiction treatment institutions in the world like the Neurosalus European Center. Our Doctortest COC Test is the most cost effective at home cocaine test product in the market today. 

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99.9% Accurate. COC drugs test strip ("coke", "C", "Snow", "flake", "blow"...) is the perfect way to detect drugs of abuse in human urine. Results are almost immediate - presented in five minutes or less, saving you the typical 24 – 48 hour wait by laboratories. 

The results are easy to read with a negative results reading as a line and a positive results reading as no line. (Plus the control line)


How long cocaine stays in your system? Cocaine stays in your system for 12-72 hours depending on the dose. But it’s metabolite takes much longer to get eliminated. However, there is an exception. If a large quantity of alcohol has also been consumed with cocaine, it takes even longer to eliminate 5 days approximately. It also leads to the formation of a metabolite called Cocaethylene.



Home drug testing

Work place testing

School/college/university drug testing

Criminal justice

Law enforcement drug testing

Substance abuse rehabilitation centers



99.9% Accurate

Simple to use

Results in 5 Minutes or Less

Easy to read results

Can detect Cocaine/COC

Dip-strip Urine Drug Test

Small Urine Sample Required

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If you are professional, clinic, pharmacy, therapeutic association, NGOs ... please register as a "Professional Client" in DoctorTest to benefit from excellent rates / conditions in purchase volume. Once you register, send an email to [email protected] warning us of this. Your request for registration as a "Professional Client" will be answered and after checking the guild that owns enjoy beneficial conditions for life. In a few hours or minutes you can start buying.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Sophia King
Excellent COC home drug test. We were very happy with these test strips. They are very accurate. We needed to use it only once but have several extra just in case.
Review by Diego Cisneros
This urine home test kit works for cocaine. Message to parents:, if you suspect drug abuse you are probably right.
Review by Marvin Antonio Potts
The best cocaine at home drug test strips. Easy use and extremely accurate.
Review by Levi Mitsch
Bought and used this cocaine drug test strips many times. Does what its suppose to do and its cheaper than the one in stores, fast and discreet shipping to Los Angeles!
Review by Isla Ortiz
We were very happy with these coke test strips. They are very accurate. We needed to use it only once but have several extra just in case.
Review by Amelia Ross
Perfect cocaine test kit. Super fast shipping to Chicago!
Review by Kristopher Owen
COC drug test strip super easy to use. As expected and worked as described. Highly recommend.
Review by Jasmine Reed
The best at home drug test cocaine. Cheapest price and extremely accurate coc urine test strips. Discreet and fastest shipping to New Jersey!!
Review by Ellis Winfield
Excellent cocaine over the counter drug test!!!! I will be buying more.
Review by Michael Ramirez
Excellent coc drug test! Inexpensive, and helps we parents and concerned people afford this to be an accurate confirmation. I will buy again, of course.
Review by Iker Frye
The best cocaine drug test strips!!! Easy use and free shipping to Nevada!!
Review by Aurelia Jackson
Good COC urine test ideal for home use, fast results and these strips are very accurate!!!
Review by Caroline Kidd
This COC drug tests have been accurate every time, really cocaine home drug test accuracy. I will buy again.
Review by Brock Smith
I am very satisfied with this coke drug test, is easy to use and extremely accurate. Free shipping to Texas... very good!
Review by Lauren Rowe
Very satisfied with price and quality! Would strongly recommend to anyone looking for effective, low cost, and quality cocaine drug testing kits.
Review by Alfonso Juárez
If you want buy a home drug test kit for detection of cocaine this is your at home drug test. Very easy and accurate.
Review by Gianna Watkins
Great and accurate cocaine home drug test. I passed this clean as well as the employer's test. Its hard to say whether it would have worked correctly if I had not been clean but my experience was positive.
Review by Hudson Johnston
This cocaine drug test is so very easy to use, the directions are easy to follow, the results are also easy to read... and free shipping to Arizona.
Review by Marcos Gómez
I was intrigued so agreed to use them and pass cocaine urine test. It's a good cocaine drug test strip! It's the best!! and free shipping to California! I will buy again.
Review by Nathan Walker
Very fast results, very accurate, excellent COC drug test and free shipping to South Carolina, will purchase from again.
Review by Alaina Thompson
This cocaine drug test is easy to use and accurate for home use. I would definitely recommend for use by any families, friends, and employees.
Review by Tyler Rodríguez
Good service and good price, fast and free shipping... everything is all right here!
Review by Oliver Sullivan
A goog Coc Drug test! Yes this cocaine drug test strip works and is handy to have around just in case. Good buy.
Review by Thomas Hughes
Great Coc Drug test, easy use! We were using these strips to try to help our 24 year old grandson.
Review by Sophie Hampton
Cocaine drug test detection time.
Review by Eva Butler
Excellent cocaine drug test kits! Free and very fast shipping to New York!
Review by Trinity Watson
This COC drug test is very easy to use: Dip the strip in for 10 seconds up to the "max" line; put on a non-porous flat surface and read in 3 minutes. Two lines means you're negative, with the line further away from the bottom as a control. If this control line is the only one visible, you're positive. If the control line isn't visible, then it's a mistest.
Review by Kaylee Stewart
Great urine drug test strips! These cocaine drug tests strips are easy use and ideal for at home use.
Review by Zara Stein
How long stay drugs in your system?
Review by Aiden Sanders
This was my second purchase from Doctortest. I think this cocaine drug test kit is great.
Review by Allison Ellis
We were very happy with these cocaine home drug test strips. They are very accurate. We needed to use it only once but have several extra just in case.
Review by Micah Choate
I passed this cocaine urine drug test and got the job! Thanks.
Review by Isabelle Waugh
The cocaine urine test came on time and came as described. Fast shipping to Florida. Very satisfied.
Review by Benjamin Murphy
Bought this for my wife. This cocaine strip worked very well for my purposes.
Review by Morgan Steven
This cocaine drug test detection strip is perfect for at home drug testing.
Review by Francisco Hernández
The best crack cocaine drug test! Good service and fast shipping to Colorado!
Review by Iris Harrison
They are very accurate! I am very satisfied with this dip strjp cocaine drug test.
Review by Michael Campbell
Very accurate test! I knew I was dirty for cocaine and it still picks up even a month later. Glad I can count on this to know where I stand. Good to know for everyone who has a test coming up.
Review by Nathaniel Miller
I would definitely buy from them again. The cocaine tests strips arrived via USPS. And they left the package in my mailbox, which was great because I hadn't been home. I used two of the tests, and both came out negative, and then I used a test on someone I knew SHOULD fail, and sure enough they tested positive. Can't beat the price either.
Review by Grayson Henry
Highest quality instant cocaine drug testing kit strip. Fast results for cocaine COC in 3 minutes.
Review by Leah Brown
We were very happy with these cocaine test strips. They are very accurate. We needed to use it only once but have several extra just in case.
Review by Laura Robinson
We were very happy with these urine cocaine test strips. They are very accurate.

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